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Staying Busy Thanks to American Pharoah

"Susan Sommer-Luarca has been keeping busy and she can thank American Pharoah for that. As the official artist for the horse, and jockey Victor Espinoza, Sommer-Luarca has just released the fifth in a series of paintings honoring America’s first Triple Crown winner in 37 years."

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Susan Sommer-Luarca Selected as Official Artist of American Pharoah

Zayat Stables and Leverage Agency have announced that artist Susan Sommer-Luarca has been selected as Official Artist for Triple Crown Winner American Pharoah. Susan Sommer-Luarca is an internationally renowned thoroughbred horse racing artist. Susan has been the Artist for the Kentucky Derby, Official Preakness Artist, Belmont Stakes Artist, Official Triple Crown Artist, Breeders Cup Artist and Official Travers Stakes Artist. Susan has also been commissioned to paint at many of this nation's largest sporting events including Official USA Olympic Team Artist for the Beijing and Vancouver Olympic Games, NFL Super Bowl XVll Artist and Official PGA Tour Artist just to name a few. Susan is the only artist in Thoroughbred horse racing history to complete a painting LIVE at all three legs of the Triple Crown, and was the first and only artist to paint LIVE at the Belmont Stakes when Triple Crown history was being made. Susan has been creating both paintings and sculpture work for more than thirty year and her art is widely collected throughout the world.

From Zayat Stables, Justin Zayat stated, "We are thrilled to have Susan as Official Artist of American Pharoah. When I met Susan at the Preakness, I was blown away by her beautiful paintings! We are looking forward to Susan’s future extraordinary works as she continues to create iconic paintings and sculptures of American Pharoah.”

From Leverage Agency, CEO Ben Sturner stated, “We have a very high standard of excellence that we require to meet our client’s needs. We selected Susan because of her outstanding painting and sculpture work as well as her long and very accomplished career in thoroughbred horse racing. We believe that the most outstanding thoroughbred race horse in history, American Pharoah, deserves an equally outstanding artist as Susan Sommer-Luarca.”

From her studio, Susan Sommer-Luarca stated, "I am honored to have been selected as American Pharoah’s Official Artist. I was fortunate to witness the Triple Crown in person, painting American Pharoah LIVE at the finish line as the Official Artist of the Preakness Stakes, and then on to The Belmont Stakes where I was positioned on the rail of the final turn to capture this iconic event on canvas. I am excited to create more Official paintings and sculptures commemorating American Pharoah as he continues to make horse racing history.”



Susan Painting American Pharoah

Painter Susan Sommer-Luarca completes a painting of American Pharoah before the 147th running of the Belmont Stakes horse race at Belmont Park, Saturday, June 6, 2015, in Elmont, N.Y. (AP Photo/Seth Wenig) | Yahoo News Celebrity Photo of the Day


Susan painting at the Belmont Stakes

Susan Sommer-Luarca working on her American Pharoah Triple crown painting at the rail of the final turn.

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Susan Sommer-Luarca honored to commemorate Bobby Cox during his retirement ceremony, at Turner Field.
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Belmont Stakes 2015: Victor Espinoza on American Pharoah: 'He's the Star, I'm Just the Pilot' 
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Susan at the 2015 Belmont Stakes!

Susan traveled to New York to commemorate American Pharoah for Saturday's Belmont Stakes as this magnificent thoroughbred attempts to become the first Triple Crown winner since 1978. American Pharoah has drawn the number 5 post position which puts the horse in a more favorable position. American Pharoah is favored to win by 3 to 5 odds.

Susan Unveils portrait of Jockey Victor Espinoza with American Pharoah in NYC!

Bruce Beck (NBC N.Y.) emceed the event at the Out Hotel in New York City. Jockey Victor Espinoza was at the event along with world renowned Artist Susan Sommer-Luarca. The event featured the unveiling of Susan Sommer-Luarca’s amazing portrait of Espinoza with American Pharoah. The portrait will benefit The Permanently Disabled Jockeys Fund (PDJF).

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Susan's Press Kit and Bio

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Artist Statement

Growing up on a horse ranch I was exposed to many horses of different conformations, dispositions and colors. As professional horse breeders my parents had daily conversations and I would listen intently about the details of conformation both good and bad and how to breed for the best possible outcome. I am also a horse owner and breeder as well as an enthusiast for horse sports. Being constantly surrounded by these majestic animals and inspired by their beauty and personalities I strive to capture them in my art.

My parents supported my love for art wholeheartedly. When I couldn't be outside with the horses, I was inside trying to capture them on paper. I was focused from the beginning on getting their form as true to the individual as possible. I trained myself with a lot of encouragement and constructive criticism from my loving parents. My childhood room was decorated with three posters. One of the posters featured the skeletal bone structure of a horse, one with the musculature, and another of the aging horse, teeth changes, bone changes, and other traits as well. My father gave the posters to me as a way to help me understand where the shadows fall on the body. My parents gave me all the materials I ever wanted, from paper and paint to an easel and a drawing table. They would challenge me to draw certain horses or objects around the farm, and would only give praise when it was really, really great.

Spanning my entire career, I have gone in many different directions with my art. In the beginning, I took on many projects just to keep the cash flowing. I found that my attention to detail and correctness while growing up helped me with any project I wanted or needed to pursue. I enjoy creating many styles, subjects, and mediums. I have explored many genres of art that did not focus on horses such as Animalia, humans, realism, abstract, giant murals, in both painting and sculpture; however, my focus has evolved and come full circle right back to horses. The constant challenge and thrill is finding new ways to portray these animals that stay true to form yet have the composition and color to complement and enhance the walls of any interior design.

Susan Sommer-Luarca

Official Photo of Susan

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